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How to Promote Your Law Firm in Nigeria | Everanking
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How to Promote Your Law Firm in Nigeria

In this post, I will hold you by the hand and show you how to promote your law firm in Nigeria through effective digital marketing strategies which will help you to get new clients and retain older ones.

The information in this post is super-rich and will give you an edge over your competitors.

This is a long detailed post that will teach you the major things you need to start doing from today to grow your career or law firm into one of the biggest law firms in Nigeria.

This is not an exaggeration as the amount of information in this post will open your eyes to the unlimited opportunities you have never taught of or have neglected for long…

Who this post is not for: If you don’t want to learn how to grow your career or law firm in this digital age or you can’t read an informative, actionable long detailed post, then this post is not for you!

Who this post is for: This post is for legal practitioners or law firms that are looking to grow their profession or law firms respectively into one of the biggest law firms in their city, state or country. And keep generating high-quality clients on autopilot.

If you’re excited to learn How to Promote Your Law Firm in Nigeria just as I’m, let’s jump right in…

  1. Get listed in Local Directories:

One thing most legal practitioners or law firms in Nigeria fail to understand is that they are majorly a local service provider and need to advertise their services using effective local marketing strategies.

There are so many local directories where you can list your business to help boost your online visibility, but in this post, we will be focusing on 2 most effective ones.
  •         Google Maps

I know by now you might have seen businesses or fellow law firms that do appear below the Google Map result when you search for related keywords using Google search engine and you’re wondering how they are doing it… right?

For example, the image below is a search for “law firms in Lagos” with 880/m search volume.

Google Map Image Listing of Law Firms in Lagos

Do you think to have your business to appear there will improve the amounts of leads you get every month? … Yes, Of course.

The truth is that what they did is highly replicable and you too can do it to promote your law firm in Nigeria.

All you need to do is simply visit Google My Business to register, verify and claim your business in Google. It will take 2 – 4 weeks maximum to get your law firm listed and claim if you do everything correctly.

But just getting your business listed and claimed will not skyrocket it to the top of the map or make it appear in the 3-Pack of Google Maps, like the image I showed you earlier on “law firm in Lagos”.

So if you want to appear in that search term for your target keyword, you need to know and implement some local search SEO (search engine optimization) strategies.

Getting your law firm to appear in the 3-Pack of Google Maps is really technical and requires some SEO knowledge to pull through… You can Contact Us to help you with that, but I will also show you some basic things to do now to help improve your chances of ranking there.

And that takes us to our next step which is…

  •         Lawyer Listings

To improve your chances of ranking in the 3-Pack of Google Maps you need to get your law firm listed in various listing sites that are relevant to your industry.

Getting your law firm listed in various lawyer listing sites is very beneficial to You, Customers and Google, because the more they see your business pop up in so many websites, they will start seeing you as an authority in your niche, which will directory increase their trust flow in your firm thereby increasing the chances of them choosing your law firm.

  •         Additional Local Authority Sites

This is another strategy you have to consider. Not only will you want your business to appear in Lawyer Listing sites, but it’s also important to get your law firm listed or mentioned in Local Authority Sites.

This will help boost your rankings as it will send a signal to Google that your firm is highly authoritative as other local authority websites are talking about it.


  1. Smart Keyword Research

The thing is, most law firms are already doing what I presented to you above. So the chance of you outranking them might be really small as they have been in the game for a long time or spending a lot of money on digital marketing agency to help to stay there.

For you to start seeing your Law firm show up in related keywords, you have to be a little smarter when selecting the keywords to go for.

For example, instead of going for broader keywords like “business lawyer in Lagos” or “law firm in Lagos”. You can go for a bit less competitive keywords like “injury lawyer in Lekki” or “family lawyer in VI”.

Also, you can target problem searches, solution searches or keywords related to your personal specialty.


  1. Social Media

While most law firms fail on social media is not having a strategy before they even begin.

As a law firm or legal practitioner, you need to be professional on how you manage your social media accounts.

This is not just about posting on Facebook or Twitter. You need to discover who your audiences are, that is the category of people you serve. Have a detailed plan on what to post, when to post and how to engage your audience with your post. In general, is just like formulating a proactive content marketing strategy for your social media channels.

A Lawyer that is doing very good in this aspect is Barinaada Bema

She has positioned herself as an SME go to Lawyer. She understands her audience and speaks with the tone they understand and also formulates ways to post great contents that don’t only provide value but solve the problems they are facing in their day to day activities in their business.

A Pro Tip: Whenever people get in contact with you, through your website, business networking, or any other platform, get them on social media so as to keep re-engaging with people who have already met with you or have engaged with you in a certain way.

And when they re-engage with you and keep getting good content, updates, and what you’re all about they are likely to either hire you when they need services that you offer or recommend you when their friends or family need services you offer.

But mind you that this can only work when you already have a social media posting strategy that is helpful and not overly promotional.

Another Pro Tip: You should also try to imbibe a case study of success from past clients in your social media post. This is a great strategy to get people interested in working with you because most people won’t work with you unless they see what you have achieved for someone in their shoe or you’re recommended by a family member or friend.

So by posting those case studies will make them see you as a successful lawyer in your field and will definitely want to work with you.

Lastly, social media is not just about getting new people to discover you, it’s about re-engaging with everybody that will build a certain amount of trust in people that are following you so that you will always be top of their mind when they need your services or know someone who does.


  1. Get a Professional Website

Most people haven’t noticed this, but having a website speaks more volume of your Law firm or private practice. Not only will your website help you to stand out from the competition, but it also positions you as an Authority in your niche as you can speak more of your expertise and let people know more about you and why they should hire you.

This is what – Simon Borys, Principal lawyer at Simon Borys, a successful lawyer in the criminal defence field has to say about his website:

“I’ve found that the best leads come straight from my website. People Google “Kingston criminal defence lawyer” and I come up in the top three results. I think I have a good website compared to the other people who also come up on the first page and it draws people in to contact me. By this time they’ve already checked me out and, I think, like what they’ve seen. I’ve found these clients are easy to land, even on the first phone call, with no follow-up.

I’ve found that referrals from lead generating sites are less committed. They’re often shopping around or are just looking for free legal advice, it seems.”

Whether you have a website or not, there are things you need to consider for your website to become an asset that brings in leads to your Law firm instead of being a liability.

I must confess, most law firm websites majorly in Nigeria are just a liability that sits on the World Wide Web and does nothing. Most Law firms or developers rush into building a website without planning out a way the website will convert their visitors.

Before you go ahead in paying a website designer or developer to create a website for your Law firm or Private Practice, you need to have one question the website should answer and that is, how can I generate leads from this website.

By answering this question, this could then guide you on how your website will look like, how you want visitors to feel when they land on it and what action you want them to take on your website.

If you were able to get this right, then you’re already on the path of creating a highly successful professional website that will generate leads for your law firm or private practice on autopilot.

Need help in getting a lead generation, conversion-optimized website, Get In Touch With Us Today!


  1. Implement Email Marketing

To stay on top of your target audience mind, you need to utilize various means to keep engaging with them. Yea, I know you can’t focus on all means but at least you can focus on utilizing what is already working in the industry to fully maximize your strategies of generating leads.

They can be a long post or guide or course on how to implement email marketing for your Law Firm. But to cut the long story short, here is what you need to do

  •         Get people to your list
  •         Have a sequence of emails that will be sent out to them using an autoresponder
  •         The Sequence of emails that you will be sending out should be more of educational emails, what you do, how you do it, why they should hire you and so on.

That way, people will know about you more and also come to you easily when they need your services.


6. Build Your Authority

Now I know you might be skeptical about this but the truth is for you to stand out you need to build yourself as an Authority.

And some of the ways you can do this is by writing a book, creating a course, creating a regular podcast or YouTube show where you give tips about legal issues. This can also be used as a traffic source to drive highly engaged people down to your website or funnel, giving you a higher chance of converting them as one of your Client’s.

If you’re still wondering why you should invest time in attending regular show, running a podcast, creating a YouTube channel, writing a book or creating an online course for your audience, the simple answer is this, assuming you’re an injury lawyer there are thousands of other injury lawyers in your locality and why would anyone choose you from those thousands – that is even if they have discovered you in the first place.

So it’s important to invest some time in branding yourself as an Authority as this will increase your chances of generating more leads and landing more clients.

Although I wouldn’t encourage you to start trying all of them out at once so as not to spread yourself too thin, what I do encourage is to start with one, focus on scaling it until you have achieved a certain amount of success with it.


7. Attend Networking Events

This is by far one of the best strategies to acquire high-quality leads because you’re literally hanging out where your target audiences are.

You should also make sure that the events you’re attending are where your potential clients are hanging out. For example, if you help people to register their business, you should attend startup events.

You can create your own events or sponsor an event, but in whatever you do make sure you are highly networking with people that are present in those events.

This is because; it is easier to sell someone when you meet them physically than online. When you meet someone physically, you can easily understand what their pain point and challenges are and how to better proffer yourself or services as a solution to their problems.



If you made it to this point in this post, then I must congratulate you because you’re really determined in scaling your law firm or professional career as a legal practitioner.

But before we wrap this up, I will like to give you a bonus tip to appreciate you for coming this far…

How would you like the feeling of becoming the biggest law firm in your city or Nigeria at large? …Amazing, right?

So here is the thing, you need to execute these strategies better than anyone else in every major city in your state.

This is because when you start implementing these strategies, you will start having a huge clientele base in every major city, which will in return keep recommending you to their partners.

And what happens when people keep referring you to other people, you will start to grow into a very big law firm, because the more people know about you the more you will grow.

So that’s it, if you do this well and better than any law firm or attorney out there and also provide better services, then you stand a chance towards becoming one of the largest law firms in Nigeria or your country for those not in Nigeria, this method is applicable to all nation.

So I will like to hear from you, do you think you can do this? If yes, let me know… if No also let me know why…

Also if you need help with any of these services or want to know more on how to promote your legal services or law firm in Nigeria, you can reach us by Booking a Free Consultation and we will get back to You.

You can also check out the list of services we provide to Attorneys and Law Firms Here